Can You Get Paid To Lose Weight?

YES! You Can Get Paid To Lose Weight!!

How this Couple got Paid for Getting Healthy

 Megan and Joshua decided to get serious about their health and weight loss after buying tickets to see the Avett Brothers perform in the Dominican Republic. 


They signed up for a HealthyWager and challenged themselves to each lose 45 pounds in 6 months by betting $150/month.

 They adopted a vegetarian diet, stopped snacking between meals, and committed to morning workouts 5-6 times a week. 


In the end, they reached their goals and won a combined total of $3,870. Megan says that every aspect of her being feels better after her weight loss success.

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Jessica crushed her purpose and received $1,938.71!

 Jessica Cummings wanted to lose weight for her best friend’s wedding. She had gained weight over time due to her busy work and study schedule. When her friend asked her to be a bridesmaid, Jessica knew she needed to lose weight to fit into her dress.


She found HealthyWage online and bet $100 a month for six months that she could reach her weight loss goal. She changed her diet by cutting out carbs and focusing on protein and vegetables. She also started exercising regularly with cardio and strength training in the morning and hot yoga in the evening.


 As a result, she began to lose weight.

“What’s higher than losing a few pounds? WINNING MONEY while you do it!”


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