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XTERRA Fitness Folding Exercise Bike

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  • Solid X-Frame Design Folds To Just 18.1″ X 18.1″ Of Floor Space When Not In Use
  • Large Anatomically Designed Seat And Multi-Position Padded Handlebars Are Designed For Long-Lasting Comfort And Support
  • 2″ X 1″ Lcd Window Clearly Displays Speed, Distance, Time, Calories, And Pulse
  • Quickly Adjust Up To 8 Levels Of Resistance Using The Large Manual Dial Located Just Below The Console

Specification: XTERRA Fitness Folding Exercise Bike


‎XTERRA Fitness



Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎31.89 x 18.1 x 43.3 inches

Maximum Height

‎46 Centimeters

Minimum Height

‎45.3 Centimeters

Item Weight

‎32 Pounds

Resistance Mechanism



‎Alloy Steel

Power Source

‎Battery Powered

Maximum Weight Recommendation

‎225 Pounds

Number of Resistance Levels


Drive System


Product Dimensions

‎18.1"D x 31.89"W x 43.3"H

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H

‎46.5 x 15.75 x 8.1 inches

Package Weight

‎17.13 Kilograms

Brand Name

‎XTERRA Fitness

Warranty Description

‎Manufacturer Provided

Model Name

‎XTERRA FB150 Folding Exercise Bike

Suggested Users




Part Number


Model Year




Included Components

‎XTERRA FB150 Folding Bike, 2 "AA" Batteries, Hardware, Assembly Instructions


‎31.5L x 18W x 45.3H in.

3 reviews for XTERRA Fitness Folding Exercise Bike

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  1. Earl1943

    OKAY…. Today I got a little “thunk” some have mentioned. It would thunk when the left pedal was going down. …Or the right pedal going up?? The thunk only lasted a few minutes. So I am wondering, “Is this going to grow worse?” It rolls over at 99, which is about actual 30-50 miles. I’ve rolled it over twice. If it gets worse, I will look into the inside and try to see what the issue is. I hope it isn’t a bearing, because the factory is saving a few cents on grease, or using inferior steel bearings. I hope it gets me through the winter. It has been great post heart surgery. NO chest pains! Editing in12/30/20. The little “thunk” went away very quickly. For what i paid, this bike is really good. I have two observations: The mileage and time is about double reality. So, cut them in half for real life in America. I read some complaints about the pedals. Mine have remained tight. I suspwct that some may have forced threaded the left pedal in the wrong direction, and others may have not tightened them properly. This machine is so good I need to rest my legs a couple-three days, because I became obsessed and just pushed too hard, for two long. I am 74, and I did 11 miles in less than two hours. The monitor said 22 miles, or whatever he measurement is.

    CAUTION! The left pedal threads in counterclockwise! You will feel like you are unscrewing it when you are screwing it in! ?? I remember Chrysler Putting left hand threads on the left side wheel bolts and right hand threads on the right side wheel bolts. Never understood that! It makes sense with pedal, though. You pedal in the direction that would tighten the pedal. I suspect that people having problems with pedal threading out are pedaling backwards. Regardless! A little thread locker on the bolts should be very helpful!

    It didn’t cost much! It came quickly. All the parts were there. It was very simple to put together. It seems to work flawlessly. It looks and feels solid enough to last a while. I have no idea what the internals are like. I will learn if something goes wrong. I have read those negative reviews, and I am putting thread locker on the pedal bolts to keep them from coming loose. The owners manual warns to keep the pedals tight. Check then periodically. I bought it to get me through the winter, and for rainy days. My dog is mystified. He runs along side me when I pedal my three miles, and now he stands and watches me. So far, it is a great buy for me. Second day, and probably 5-6 miles.

    Editing in 11/26/00 OKAY! I love it, but the monitor is off. I know how long it takes me to pedal my trike 3 miles, and I know what my legs feel like. I cannot compare to a bicycle, because a trike is much harder to pedal, but comparing to my trike….. I have to cut distance numbers in at least half to be close to real life pedaling in MILES and TIME. If you think you have pedaled “10” whatever, you have actually pedaled 2-5 miles; about 3-4 miles on a trike. Regardless, it is a measure, and you can chart growth! It does not have to be valid to be reliable! However! I have no idea how much easier it is to pedal a two wheeler.

    ISSUES: I’m pretty sure that it is calibrated more to kilometers than miles. So 1 mile is about .6 kilometer. This is to be expected today. The seat is not comfortable. Seems to tilt back a slight bit. I am going to put 2 fender washers on each of the rear bolts between the mount and seat. That will raise the rear of the seat just slightly, and it may be enough. (12/30/20 I got use to the seat left as is) I wasn’t even going to put the monitor on, but it was simple to do, and I actually like thinking that i am measuring my distance. even if the system is inaccurate, I can still make comparisons.

    Personal issues: I am 74 and my left leg and arm are substantially paralyzed. Walking has slowly become very difficult, but I can pedal! The Stabilizers are very narrow for the seat(center of gravity) being so high. Because of my short inseam(28″), mounting and dismounting is scary and difficult. the stabilizers are 2 1/4″ diameter. I will cut cut two 10-12 inch long tubes of something that slip snugly over each rear stabilizer. (I developed a technique for mounting and dismounting. Didn’t have to do anything) I pull the seat post out, step over it, and slide the post back in behind me. That is MY only safe way to mount it. I doubt that stability is a problem for able bodied people.

    For the money…….I can’t imagine anything better for my needs. If I put it over by the sliding glass door and got some direct sun. Vitamin D. Helps against Corona. Exercise, Sun; got my recent heart attack on the run.

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  2. JY

    Good for a peloton ride as long as it’s not a climb ride or a Power Zone or Power Zone Max ride.

    Best if you’re 5’2” or maybe 5”4 tops. I’m 5’7” and was able to ride it for an hr (Power Zone Endurance ride with Peloton) before knees started to bother me due to the position. The maximum height of the seat post isn’t high enough for me.

    Seat is huge and not the best since you can’t really activate your hamstrings properly (as you would if you’re used to riding on a road bike or any other spin bike) You would need to sit way more forward but if you’re taller, then you run the problem of hurting your knees.

    So if you just want to move your body. This is awesome.

    If you want to have a cheap “peloton” bike then it can work but only to a certain degree. Was I able to
    put on a good sweat? Yes. (I’m used to doing triathlons and I still had a good ride)

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  3. M. R.

    Have had this exercise bike for months now and enjoy it more and more each day! It was an excellent choice for me! I am 5’ 6” and weigh 170 lbs and am 83 years old. My husband put this together for me in half an hour! = easy to assemble, easy to follow directions. It is super QUIET! Absolutely no sound what so ever.
    The seat is comfortable! I bought the one with the back rest and the flat side padded “handle bars”. I do not lean back on the back rest but it is good to have. I do use those arm side handle bars to push my body snd spine up tall while riding, once in a while. The pedals are a nice large round shape. I enjoy the little monitor thing on the handle bars. It shows distance, also gives accurate pulse readings which I enjoy a lot.
    It is sleek! Quiet! Comfortable! And I have it sitting in my office right in front of the double sliding closet doors. It is super easy to lift the front out to face the room and tv 😍 while riding. Also EXCELLENT is with one pull-out of a central pin it folds up, comes together in one 5 or 6 ft. Flat Piece and EASILY rolls out my office door into a bedroom closet across the hall out of the way for house cleaning day! Or you could clean around it. The back leg is the roller bar part. Also love that it has a flat cup on the frame to hold a cell phone, which I use as a timer so is essential. The wheel is completely enclosed, safe and easy to dust. It Looks so nice too. One last thing I did not know before buying but saw in the really nice direction book that came with it was, they say is best on a hard floor and not on carpet. However, my office has nice plush carpet and I have been using it for months right on the carpet surface. It is not hurting the carpet at all. I would caution about getting on the bike and leaning forward at the same time, not good because of the soft carpet. I get leg over and both feet on the floor and using side arms to Push up STRAIGHT and get on the seat. Of course , I have the seat in almost the highest position as I love to have my leg fairly straight in its fullest extended position when riding. This bike is very easy for me to collapse together and roll. It rolls great on hard floor and is a bit harder and slower to roll on carpet, but I don’t have far to go on the carpet.
    You will love this exercise bike! Sleek, quiet, comfortable and high performance! I LOVE IT! It gets my heart rate up and I feel great using it. PS. It took me a while to get my legs used to it. I got on the first time and loved it and went for too much time! Really felt it in my legs the next day. So work up to the a amount of time. I had to work up to ten minutes. Gradually! Now I do two ten minutes sessions a day. LOVE THIS BIKE! Worth every penny! Also, this was the most reasonably priced bike! Good bang for your buck! You will love it.

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