Vaunn Medical Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser with Electronic Display for Legs and Arms Workout (Fully Assembled Folding Exercise Pedaler, no Tools…

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  • SAFE & STABLE WITH LOWER HEIGHT- New model with wider base and heavy duty frame for increased stability and support during cycle. Designed with a lower height to better fit under desks and tables.
  • ENJOYMENT IN EXERCISE – Combine your favorite activities with your workout routine. Place your pedaler under your desk while you work. Play an online game, read a book, watch a movie or chat with a friend while doing your workout. Exercise can be enjoyable. Note: Not for strenuous exercise or workout.
  • LEGS & ARMS EXERCISER – Helps toned muscles, improves blood circulation, strengthen your shoulders, arms and legs.
  • RESISTANCE CONTROL – Adjustable tension knob to control the level of resistance and workout intensity.
  • QUICK-RELEASE FOLDING MECHANISM – Under desk bike pedal exerciser folds instantly. Compact, lightweight, easy to store or bring on the go. Product is fully assembled

3 reviews for Vaunn Medical Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser with Electronic Display for Legs and Arms Workout (Fully Assembled Folding Exercise Pedaler, no Tools…

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  1. Keo Hilihili

    I had left knee arthroplasty 2 years ago. I loved the physician assistant & I loved my orthopedic surgeon, his being just a short time’s younger than my son notwithstanding. But I was sent out on my own after I recovered from anesthesia, sent first to a heartless hospitalist & then to a PT. My physical therapist announced he was just out of PT school, his zeal to work on an old female total knee patient glowing. I should have suspected something that would hurt & likely cause injury.
    He went to work right away, forcing my knee in hyper flexion & in hyper extension so hard & for so long I would cry. Not silent weeping but the kind with noise & tears & snot. It was soft crying but noisy for sure. But Wendel kept on going. One day, the day before I called & cancelled the next & all the rest of the PT sessions, when he bent my knee with such force, I felt & was convinced I heard a pop. Then for the rest of the day & for months–probably one+ years thereafter–I had pain, stiffness, weakness, that crept up my thigh & down into my calf. I felt generally ill & could not sleep because I was awakened in the middle of the night by agonizing pain in my knee &, oddly, in my chest.
    The pain in my chest was caused by pulmonary emboli, blood clots in my lungs. I made appointments & went to see my orthopedic surgeon several times complaining that “something is very, very wrong,” but it was a mystery to him. Maybe I was nuts. My orthopedic surgeon & his assistant found nothing, and while they said they believed me, their facial expressions said “you’re nuts.” I even went to urgent care with the back pain, pain that transcended hurt. The UC doc diagnosed shingles without so much as a look at the outside of my back; obviously, he didn’t put a stethoscope to my chest nor order a chest film. Hmmm. No blisters.
    I went to my usual PCP appointment the next week, and he looked at some old films, maybe a CT from some recent year and ordered a CT with contrast of the chest to be done some time in the reasonable future. I had the CT done a couple days after that appointment, thinking it would show nothing. We went out to dinner that evening. I turned off my phone thinking report of findings would come the next day “during business hours.”
    At 11:00 pm, my doctor (PCP) called to say I had to get to the ER right away. Delay would create a “life threatening” situation. My lungs are full of clots. In the ER the doc told me that a lobe of my right lung had collapsed (shingles?) & I had to be admitted to be heparinized. I begged & pleaded to be sent home. By then being admitted would be worse than treating myself at home, admission’s then being the extreme life-threatening option. I was prescribed Xarelto & sent home with a warning of danger: YOU CAN GET MORE PEs EVEN WHEN ON AN ANTICOAGULANT.
    So, here’s the point of this: After a few weeks I was in need of some range-of-motion exercises that wouldn’t set me up for the liberation of a mean little clot from my new knee to send it swimming inside me until it would get to a blood vessel/one of those teeny lung things that exchange air, alveoli, where it would be trapped so it could make me hold my breath for the rest of my life.
    I knew I didn’t want to run: couldn’t. I knew I didn’t want to let another proud PT graduate do more trial-and-error, no-pain-no-gain shots at me. I read up on post-op physical therapy techniques & was convinced that aggressive physical PT, especially for women of a certain age: me, almost 80, resulted in more injury & pain & dysfunction than did passive ROM & gentle movement or no formal therapy at all.
    I knew I needed ROM for prevention of more PEs & for flexibility/pain relief. My daughter bought 2 pedal exercisers. We sat in front of our tv, watched our favorite news & pedaled, gently, fast or slowly, up close to our butts & out away from our bodies to create flexion & then extension movements. It was easy & pleasant, & here’s the deal: it worked!
    I’m not a doctor, nor am I a PT. I am an elderly woman post-op total knee with a PE complication. My PEs were not diagnosed until almost too late, & this made me scared to do any exercise for fear of a scatter-shot of clots to my lungs. Yet, immobility would set me up for stationary clots that then would break off & travel to places where they could cause the most damage. The Pedal Exerciser turned out to be The Answer, the Old Lady PE Prophylactic & Analgesic (no, not that kind of prophylactic!). My daughter got hers so she could rest all the while exercising & burning calories. It didn’t work for her. But mine increased my range of motion, stopped my knee pain in a gentle way and made walking & getting into a car, plus doing all the other things your knees do for you, possible again.
    Remember, I am not giving nurse advice; I am merely telling you what has worked for me. You just might be glad to discover that no pain–no gain is a made-up thing.

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  2. robert t goad

    I have had horrific neck/shoulder pain for 6 or more years… I used an arm ergometer at cardiac rehab, and noticed my pain subsided after use. So I bought this machine, but with doubts it would be the same. But it IS! What a great little machine!! When it first arrived, like others noted, the “computer” didnt work.. I then noticed the battery was encased in plastic. After removal, the display was fine. Like others, I found the tension didnt work. I then noticed a locknut had to be moved up. I did so… and the tension then worked fine. I would say that most of the reviews complaining about the display and tension knobs are “operator error”. These are great little machines!!

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  3. Susan A. Wilson

    … this is really nice for the price and works well for what I needed it for. Good quality and easily folds up for storage. It may not provide a hard core resistance cardio workout but it definitely keeps me moving when I’m sitting for extended periods of time. So far so good and I use it regularly!

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    Vaunn Medical Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser with Electronic Display for Legs and Arms Workout (Fully Assembled Folding Exercise Pedaler, no Tools…
    Vaunn Medical Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser with Electronic Display for Legs and Arms Workout (Fully Assembled Folding Exercise Pedaler, no Tools…
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