Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Incline Treadmill With Tablet And Device Holder

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‎Sunny Health & Fitness




‎Alloy Steel

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎62 x 25.5 x 50 inches

Power Source

‎Corded Electric

Frame Material

‎Alloy Steel

Item Weight

‎103 Pounds

Maximum Weight Recommendation

‎220 Pounds

Maximum Horsepower

‎2.2 Horsepower

Speed Rating

‎9 miles_per_hour

Number of Programs


Folded Size

‎36L x 25.5W x 58H in

Maximum Incline Percentage


Deck Length

‎49 Inches

Minimum Speed

‎0.5 Miles per Hour

Maximum Speed

‎9 Miles per Hour

Deck Width

‎15.5 Inches

Product Dimensions

‎62"D x 25.5"W x 50"H

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H

‎67 x 28 x 11 inches

Package Weight

‎54.43 Kilograms

Brand Name

‎Sunny Health & Fitness

Warranty Description

‎3 year structural frame, 180 days other parts and components

Model Name


Suggested Users


Number of Items



‎Sunny Health & Fitness

Part Number


Model Year




Included Components

‎Treadmill, User Manual


‎62 2 L x 26 8 W x 47 3 H

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Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Incline Treadmill With Tablet And Device Holder

  • 2.20 peak HP drive system provides speeds of 0.5 – 9 MPH along with 3 manual options for adjusting recline levels (0%, 2%, 4.37%)
  • Designed for a max user weight of 220 lbs. with 49 L x 15.5W inches of running surface
  • Easy folding mechanism and soft drop system helps you unfold your treadmill safely and hands free
  • Handrail controls allow you to control speed, start and stop. Pause function – Press the stop button once to stop the belt and pause your run while keeping your current data and running stats intact
  • 9 Built-in workout programs with large LCD displays time, distance, speed, calories burned and pulse. Convenient smartphone/tablet holder is included to fit different devices

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  1. Cynthia Ellis

    Decided on the SF-T4400… mid-line with not too many bells and whistles but not plain-Jain either. Arrived a day early. VERY easy to assemble. Had it unpacked, 6 screws in, lubed and running within 30 min. Ran it per instructions for a bit before trying it out. Very quiet but saw some reviews that it got noisy after a few months use so will update if this happens. Very excited to use this daily ?
    I’m in a house so I can’t Realy say if it’s good for small apartments. It’s folding capability is nice but it does take up space- it’s a treadmill ??‍♀️ It is easy to move around once assembled. I does come with Lube and you need to Lube under the mat before first start. Again, it’s a lot quieter than I expected. All in all, for the price, I think it’s a great buy and I recommend it.

    A bit of background on me- I used to run/walk 4 miles religiously for the last 3yrs after being horrible to my body for decades. I managed to drop 100lbs in 8 months and get down to (my new normal) weight of 160lbs (@5’8” tall)… until last April when I was diagnosed with cancer and had to have a total double Mastectomy (simple). Ended up with a double infection (Severe sepsis and MRSA!) – in hospital for a week followed by IV treatments 2-3 times daily for 8+ weeks. I’m just now feeling better and have been trying to get my walking back in but I live in Florida and it’s 110 with 200% humidity so it’s been challenging- especially with all my body has been through and I’m very exhausted easily. Normally, I could do the walking in these conditions but it’s a different ballgame since cancer. I have also just been diagnosed with MS so it’s mandatory I get back to walking.
    Again, super excited to use this Sunny Health treadmill- already did 2.5miles and about 1mile run (without very much recoil or noise) on my first try and will do some more tonight ?…
    If no update is posted below then consider all is still good with it.

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  2. Meredith Redfern

    When I decided to buy a treadmill instead of going back to the gym I agonized over all the options for weeks. I’m extremely happy I settled on this one and I feel like I owe it the review I would have liked to read when I was still shopping around.

    For reference, I am a 5’8″ 180 pound beginning runner, and I started off using this very intermittently but have been consistently running 2 miles most days for the past 6 months. What I cared about in a treadmill was finding the intersection of the cheapest option that I could find that still felt sturdy and reliable and I think I nailed it. This thing surprised me by not feeling even a little flimsy right out of the box and after 8 months total use there is no noticeable wear, despite even occasionally being used by my 6’3″ 220 pound partner, who also reports that it feels extremely solid. Here are some other things you might find useful to know:

    – If you typically do well with putting together Ikea furniture you will have no problem with this, it’s all (included) allen wrenches, pictographs, and a couple bolts, and took maybe half an hour to assemble on my own.
    – I wanted something that went up to at least 10mph so I would have some room to improve, but honestly I haven’t really leveled up past 6mph so I can’t say for sure that this actually gets that fast. I’ve taken it up to 7mph max with no issues.
    – This is very no frills, just start, stop, faster, slower, and 2mph 4mph and 6mph preset buttons. There are theoretically several interval programs but I personally haven’t used them, the preset buttons have been my friends. If you just want a thing that you can run or walk on and you don’t care how many buttons it has, this is the treadmill for you.
    – The heart monitor is completely useless, like not even remotely accurate. I wear a fitbit so I don’t care at all about that, but if the pulse reading is a selling point for you just know that this treadmill might as well not have a heart monitor.
    – There is the option for a very slight amount of incline, which I scoffed at initially. I basically decided to keep it at the max incline all the time since it seemed negligible, but I recently ran on a hotel treadmill and was actually shocked how different it felt to run completely level, so you know, it’s not nothing.
    – This is in an area of my house where I can keep it down all the time, but it does fold and unfold very easily and to what seems like a reasonable size.
    – As a person who is fairly clueless about treadmill care I have used belt lubricant on this twice since I initially set it up (so three times total) at times when I arbitrarily felt like maybe it might be the right time for it. This may or may not be a selling point about this treadmill’s durability, I will let you be the judge.
    – I have also slightly adjusted the belt twice because it looked like it was maybe going a little off center (purely visual diagnosis, no problems with how it was running) which was a simple two step process that required the same (included) allen wrench.
    – If I hadn’t done the last two pieces of maintenance I suspect that it would still be running fine, since both were done just cause I felt like maybe I should, but who knows, they could have also made all the difference. Either way, personally that seems like a reasonable amount of maintenance over 8 months, but you might disagree.

    tl;dr If you are a beginning runner who just wants a super basic treadmill that won’t break the bank, can grow with you on your running journey, and doesn’t feel even a tiny bit like you are going to break any part of it, this one here is a winner.

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  3. Robin Hood

    The media could not be loaded.

     This treadmill was easy to assemble and worked well … for the first 5 months! Began to make an annoying noise from the motor which also affected the speed selected as it now tends to slow down when in use. Contacted the manufacturer and went through a myriad of emails requesting information, videos to identify the problem and then finally a ridiculously long list of questions and requirements for order information even though I had supplied the video required and indicated the source of the noise only to be finally told since I’m in Canada THE WARRANTY DOES NOT APPLY!! (yet they are selling through Amazon.ca in Canada?)… and yes I had indicated my address in the very first email. Now stuck with a noisy, speed reduced treadmill. So if your shopping from Canada, forget this one!! Now stuck with a large piece of junk that we cannot safely use.

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    Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Incline Treadmill With Tablet And Device Holder
    Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Incline Treadmill With Tablet And Device Holder