RHYTHM FUN Folding Portable Walking Treadmill with Wide Tread Belt Super Slim Mini Quiet Slow Running

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‎Alloy Steel

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎62.2 x 27.17 x 6.3 inches

Power Source

‎Corded Electric

Frame Material

‎Alloy Steel

Item Weight

‎78 Pounds

Maximum Weight Recommendation

‎220 Pounds

Maximum Horsepower

‎1.5 Horsepower

Speed Rating

‎0.5 to 3.7 mph

Deck Length

‎47 Inches

Screen Size

‎2.3 Inches

Minimum Speed

‎0.5 Miles per Hour

Maximum Speed

‎3.7 Miles per Hour

Deck Width

‎18 Inches

Assembly Required


Product Dimensions

‎63"D x 28"W x 7"H

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H

‎62 x 28.5 x 6 inches

Package Weight

‎33.7 Kilograms

Brand Name





‎Under desk tradmill, walk treadmill


‎24"x 59" x47"

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RHYTHM FUN Folding Portable Walking Treadmill with Wide Tread Belt Super Slim Mini Quiet Slow Running

  • 1. Safety, Large Wide Running Belt—Compared with other treadmill’s thin running belt, RHYTHM FUN under desk treadmill has the 18″=45 cm large wide running belt , with the better comfort level , smooth, balance and stable feeling, and solid design. it is so big enough to walk or moderately-paced running safely on, relaxed, freely! Suitable for all people within 220 lbs no worry to enjoy the fun of walking or slow running in door!
  • 2. Compact, Convenient, Space-saving, and Portable— Super 2.3″thickness, 78lb light weight, only covering less 0.05㎡ small space in your living room or office. Compact , foldable, and wheels under the treadmill make it easier to put away after use. Lightweight ,portable, and very low & slim profile , making it easy to stored in a closet, under a bed, sofa, or standing desk which you can work and walk at the same time. A great Walker for home walking or jogging fitness exercise.
  • 3. Shock absorption and noise reduction design:—Strong 1.5hp electric motorized DC power motor, silicon structure running board ,7-level soft large running belt,durable steel frame make up the RHYTHM FUN treadmill’s AIR shock reduction and noise reduction system.Less noise and safety make your running quiet and comfortable! No matter beginners or seniors!
  • 4.Large LED display, Smart Remote,Smart Workout APP—-RHYTHM FUN standing desk treadmill has the very modern looking with large, clear, and simple display. Smart Remote can control your treadmill remotely when you walking or running with Start , Off , Speed button. Special made Smart Workout APP can control the speed,time, mileage and calories, monitor and track your workout on your phone ,or set up the training program at the same time.
  • 5. Specification — No assembly required! Just take out the box to use it! [wide running belt ]: 47″x18”.[walking speed]: 0.5-3.7MPH [folding size]: L(59″)*(W)24″*(H)3″.

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  1. Morgan Gavaletz

    I have owned this walking pad for just over a month and have used it every day since receiving it. For reference: I am a 38 year old woman, (5’8” and size 18/230 lbs.) and my husband is 43 years old, (6’1” and size 38/238lbs.). We both wanted to drop some “covid” weight and generally feel better health-wise, so we agreed this walking pad was a smart buy. It is sturdy, easy to move (I moved it alone and stood it on its’ end, leaning against the wall in a closet when we had a guest – took me less than a minute) and my new favorite thing!

    A few things to note:
    -At start of use, both hubby and I were over the “weight limit,” but it was a non-issue. I started walking 1 mile a day, now I’m up to 2.5 miles a day, which takes roughly 50 minutes, and the pad continues to impress! Even better, my hubby and I are both almost down to the “weight limit” of 220 now!
    -I have experienced the belt “slippage” that some have mentioned when walking at slower speeds, however, I’m a power walker and am consistently pounding on this thing at a 5.5 speed (my husband at a 6) – there is no slippage once we get up to faster speeds (3.2 speed I felt the slight slippage, 3.8 speed it was gone).
    -It does take some getting used to: I haven’t fallen off, but I have definitely lost my balance (stopped walking in a straight line for 2 steps when I got tired/lost focus) more than once. I watch TV/movies while walking and if I keep my eyes forward, there is no issue, but when I look to the side that will affect my balance). As a result, I positioned the walking pad near one wall, in the event I need to catch myself (this doesn’t happen a lot, but enough that I thought it worth a mention).
    -My Mom (65 years old) tried the walking pad, but felt uncomfortable not having arms to brace herself on in the event she lost her footing, so she opted to purchase a treadmill with arms included. I get it, not worth the fall risk if you’re elderly, unsteady, or just plain nervous about it (and a treadmill might be the right choice for you).
    -We have the pad on carpet, without a mat underneath it – no problem! Works as expected, carpet is not damaged.
    -The display is in kilometers, but I use my apple watch to track my distance, so this isn’t a deal-breaker for me.
    -Yes, there is a loud beep when you turn it on, and again during the 3 second/3 beep count-down prior to the belt beginning to move at an incredibly slow speed. There is also loud beeping as you set the speed – depending on your environment, this could disturb (coworkers) but I’m using this at home and I could care less, just get me movin’!

    Overall – a great buy for use at home or for use under a desk while working (for leisurely strolling you wouldn’t be at risk for disturbing coworkers or falling, but walking at faster speeds you have the whirr of the belt and the stomp of your feet working together to produce more noise, which might be distracting for colleagues). I don’t plan to bring this to work, as I’m using it to “workout” in 50-60 min spurts, rather than to walk all day long. I’m very pleased with this purchase – I hemmed and hawed prior to buying: would I really use it? Was it worth the money? Will it break easily? My concerns seem silly now – if you need to drop a few, stop stalling and just get it!

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  2. L. Sulik

    Edit 7/20/2021:
    (note: I updated this a week or so ago, but it didn’t go through for some reason. trying again)

    bumping this unit back up to 4 stars, just for the tech support!

    It took a few rounds of emails, but once they told me where the hidden screws on the front cover were located (under the “rhythm fun” decal!), I was able to send them video of the motor belt slipping. (barely step on the walking belt, and both the walking belt & motor belt screeched to a halt, while the motor kept turning).

    They shipped me out a replacement belt for free! After replacing it, the treadmill is working great once again. Note that visually, it didn’t ‘look’ worn, but it clearly was, given the slippage. Easy enough to diagnose once the top cover is off. If you aren’t “handy”, I’d hire someone to replace the motor belt for you.

    Edit: 1/4/2021:

    I made the mistake of using the free/included treadmill lube a few months ago — what a HUGE mistake.

    Immediately after I used it, I started having problems with my belt stuttering.
    Added more lube — didn’t fix it.
    I ran a rag underneath, wiped off as much as I could — didn’t fix it.
    I wound up having to buy a far better brand of lube, which helped, but it appears the damage is already done. 🙁

    Today, I tried something a bit different, and fed a rag underneath the belt & spanning the deck, as the belt just wouldn’t work. stopped & stuttered. Lube was still visible. Ran the belt on low speed, to clean as much off the belt as possible, dragged the rag up/down the deck a few times (belt still running), to clean as much off the deck, too.

    I used better lube (applied directly between the belt/deck, their ‘lube port’ is also useless, IME), let it run at 2 KMH for a few minutes, got on and walked from one side of the belt to another, making sure to spread the lube around, and after a few minutes, it’s now working ‘OK’.

    Belt is still aligned (no walking side-to-side), deck is still level. I’m afraid the deck is just ruined, from the subpar lube that came ‘free’ and I stupidly used.

    If it’s not the free lube that caused the issues, then I have to say, the quality of this unit is very poor. I admit to typically walking 2-4 hours a day, at 2 MPH (3.2 KMH), while I work. If that ‘wore out the deck’, even with my lube attempts, that’s pretty sad. (I have followed the same lube pattern I used with my prior unit, which never had any deck issues — I wore that motor out 🙂

    I suppose it could be the motor, and that once it ‘warms up’ it’s OK, but that too is disappointing, as there were no usage limits/restrictions listed.

    Changing the rating to 3 stars, because I expected far better durability.


    (Updated, some comments inline, 3/25/2020):
    – I bumped this up to 4 stars. After a month of use, it has grown on me…
    – I had a $1k treadmill prior to this, which originally had me a tad spoiled with extra features. But, I’m unwilling to spend that much cash for something that lasted 3 years. (just past the warranty, of course!)
    – Converting MPH to KMH isn’t a big deal. you’ll memorize your handful of favorite speeds in no time.
    – it’s still nice & quiet. So nice after my prior unit, with the bad bearing :). My ears say Thank You..
    – the sticky-note comment, below, truly became 2nd nature, after a couple weeks. Definitely *not* worth $1k, to ‘fix’ that.
    – Overall, now that I’m used to it, I’m really enjoying it. I am hopeful this unit will last a few years.

    This unit arrived yesterday, 2/4/2020.

    – It was very easy to ‘install’.
    – Wheeled it in place, leveled it via the back feet.
    – Had to adjust the belt, it was off to the side, causing stutters.
    – Also had to add lube to the reservoir. The belt sure sounded ‘dry’ until I did that. (supposed to come with lube in it, if I read things correctly). Not a big deal, and they even give 2 bottles of lube.

    – quiet: Maybe I’m just inured, because my old one had a bad bearing and squeaked & squealed, but this sure seems nice & quiet. Had to turn my music down a few notches, now that I’m on the new unit 🙂 . (20200325: near-daily use, typically 2-3 hours, still nice & quiet!)

    – The phone app is broken. (yes, I turned bluetooth on.)
    Cannot register, something pops up in chinese, no clue what it’s telling me. No way to set the language.

    tried to log in anyways, errors with ‘No network’. (false, wifi/data/bluetooth are all enabled/working) . “forgot password” says my email address not found.. sigh.. I have emailed the seller, asking about the app.. Not holding my breath. :shrug:

    Tried to find a corporate website. found one, in chinese, but even translated, couldn’t find a ‘register’ link. :shrug:

    Scanned for nearby bluetooth IDs on my phone. Didn’t see anything that looks like the treadmill. I wish they would publish the bluetooth ID, so I could tell if my phone is even ‘seeing’ it.

    (20200325: I haven’t bothered trying again with the phone app. Honestly, haven’t needed it for my use).

    – Phone app also wants *way* too many permissions. photos? videos? making calls? Nope, not happening, tyvm.

    The console could use some improvements:
    – console is only in KMH. I suspected this, but thought the phone app might work/convert the values for me (see above, phone app broken) . O’well, I can tape a conversion chart to the wall, for my ‘usual’ speeds, not a big deal. (UPDATE: The console being in KMH really isn’t a big deal, given I have a few ‘favorite speeds’. I quickly memorized them, and the remote that came with the unit works just fine.)

    – When you ‘pause’ the treadmill, it zeros the counters!!! I now have a sticky note stuck to the desk, where I’m going to have to record each ‘leg’ of my workout, as I stop for bathroom / drink / etc breaks. 🙁 (UPDATE 20200325: the sticky note method is easy & not as annoying, now that my muscle-memory has kicked in. I suspect the other treadmills in this price range do the same)

    I will edit this review, if I find it breaks / wears out / etc, with timeframes.

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  3. Anna

    The treadmill works well, and I’m enjoying being able to walk during my normal work hours. I’m definitely getting more steps in throughout the day. I only gave it 4 stars because the part where you walk, came with a big mark – you can see on the picture. I bought this brand new, so I’m assuming it’s like a “shelf mark”. It was probably stored too long. It doesn’t appear to affect functionality. Also, it’s not as easy to maneuver and get it out of the way, as I was hoping. I have given up on the idea of storing it. I just leave it in place, and put a towel over, to avoid dust. Other than that, great product. Thank you.

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    RHYTHM FUN Folding Portable Walking Treadmill with Wide Tread Belt Super Slim Mini Quiet Slow Running
    RHYTHM FUN Folding Portable Walking Treadmill with Wide Tread Belt Super Slim Mini Quiet Slow Running