Quest Nutrition Tortilla Style Protein Chips, Low Carb, Nacho Cheese

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Quest Nutrition Tortilla Style Protein Chips, Low Carb, Nacho Cheese

  • ENJOY MORE. CARB LESS: The Quest Nacho Cheese Tortilla Style Protein Chips provide all the crunch and satisfying taste of a regular tortilla chip. Only ours have 18g of protein and 4g net carbs per bag
  • CRUNCH INTO COMPLETE PROTEINS: The Quest Nacho Cheese Tortilla Style Protein Chips are made with complete, dairy-based proteins to provide your body with 9 essential amino acids
  • SALTY, SAVORY, CRUNCHY: Quest Nacho Cheese Tortilla Style Protein Chips are seasoned to perfection and contain no added soy ingredients
  • BAKED, NEVER FRIED: Quest Nacho Cheese Tortilla Style Protein Chips are baked to provide you with the satisfying crunch you crave without adding oils to your chips
  • CHIPS THAT TRAVEL WITH YOU: Take Quest Nacho Cheese Tortilla Style Protein Chips with you in your backpack, purse, car console, gym bag or wherever your adventures take you

3 reviews for Quest Nutrition Tortilla Style Protein Chips, Low Carb, Nacho Cheese

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  1. Lady Isarma

    Portion Size – Honestly, most people eat too much. This was a hard learned lesson that ended in Weight Loss surgery for me. Given that most people eat a lot of carbs and other empty calories (like traditional chips) it’s no surprise we eat and eat. But I digress.

    This IS a “serving size” of chips.
    On *this* planet.

    However, it’d be easier to live with this serving size if they weren’t so thin and easily broken. Often before you even open the bag – and probably before you get the box at your home. If they were a little more sturdy, they wouldn’t break so easily.

    Flavor –
    This is going to come in two sections because there’s two components to flavor; texture and seasoning.
    In the seasoning department I can only speak to two flavors so far. Ranch and Taco. The Taco are exactly what I remember 1970’s “taco” flavor Doritos tasting like, similar to today’s but different. So far it’s the only flavor I’ve re-ordered. The other flavor is Ranch, and while it’s good, it isn’t HVR and shouldn’t be expected to taste like it nor even Ranch Doritos. They’re close enough if you have a major chip craving, or make your own ranch dressing flavoring at home anyway.

    Texture is another matter. As mentioned earlier, they’re thinner than your typical chip. Think normal thin Lay’s potato chips thin, albeit in two layers with a pocket of air between them from the baking process. But not the texture of potato chips. The texture gives away the inclusion of psyllium husk fiber rather than corn.
    For people expecting the ‘crunch’ from deep fried ground corn or sliced potatoes of some kind, you’re not going to get it, although it’s not so far off that it’s out of the realm of imagination. If I’m busy doing something at my computer like writing or watching a movie with the hubby, I’ll eat these without noticing that the texture is more crumbly and has a softer crunch. Which is not to say these taste stale – like I said, they’re just *different* and you won’t be happy if you think they’re EXACTLY like traditional chips and have unrealistic expectations.

    Value – It’s hard to be happy with the price if you live on a fixed income or SNAP. At around $2 a bag for a little over 1oz, when you can get a big bag of authentic chips around $4-$5, it’s really tempting to just budget in the carbs or calories and eat the ‘real’ thing. But don’t.
    And if you’re watching Protein because of Bariatric Surgery, you have a minimum amount of protein you have to make sure to get, and with small meals, that can be a struggle, and it’s not likely to happen if you eat traditional chips. So just don’t.
    So, having said that, these are pretty good for the fact that you’re getting a hefty serving of protein, a hefty serving of fiber to stay regular, and a hefty serving of snack satiety all in one little bag. Little bags like these are easily over $1 at the local convenience store for the junk chips, so wedge these into your budget, and just don’t eat them EVERY day – you shouldn’t be mindlessly munching down stuff like that anyway. I bought 2 boxes two months ago and I’m just now reordering, and that’s with hubby snitching a couple of bags because he ate all HIS regular chips and then went for mine…

    And IF you HAVE had WLS, please be aware that these have Psyllium *fiber* in them, so take your time and space them away from other food or drinks. They’ve never made me sick or over-full due to this, but better safe than sorry.

    These are good for Keto dieting and Weight Loss Surgery patients as long as you remember they’re not going to be perfect flavor, they’re not going to be as thick and ‘crunchy’ as traditional fried or even baked chips. However, baring that, they ARE good and can help you stay with your health goals. They’re not as cheap as traditional commercial chips, but Amazon offers them on SNAP, and they ARE worth budgeting in if it’s necessary to avoid eating the alternative.

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  2. Maheen

    This is the first flavor from Quest I’ve tried and it’s honestly great. I have to stop myself from eating more than 2 bags a day! Though it helps that it staves off hunger. I use this as a snack. I’ve read some reviews of people saying the texture is weird and it really isn’t that off-putting. It’s a more “airy” or “paper thin” type chip but still has the crunch. I’ll definitely be reordering this

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  3. Bre Thompson

    First, I just wanna say this is my second time ordering these chips (taco flavor). I love them! If you are trying to find a healthier alternative to regular unhealthy chips – then this is it! And it’s as good as it’s gonna get, chip-wise!

    1. Easy to grab for a small snack! Im not a big eater. I have to force myself to eat SOMETHING throughout the day, for sake of calorie maintenance & reaching certain macros per day. That being said, I want to focus of “Low carb – High protein” with some healthy fats! Kinda like “Clean Keto” but I focus more on protein than I do fats. Cuz I want my body to consume its own fat it has stored already! These chips are perfect. Quick & easy!
    2. If you hate pork rinds, and miss being able to eat nachos… this is your new best friend for low carb nachos with protein! Guilt-Free nachos, yummy!
    3. My husband who normally HATES all my “healthy stuff,” – and is very VERY picky – actually likes these chips! I was turned off by the price of these, and was gonna resort to only getting them maybe once a month, as a treat… But I had to order them twice this month cuz he wants me to share! LOL! That speaks volumes to me!
    4. So far these are the best chip alternative I have found. Cuz they are, well, chips LOL! Just made in a way to make them healthier. Are the the EXACT same as the original unhealthy chips we are normally used to? No! There is a slight difference, that’s difficult to explain… When you bite/chew them, you can tell it’s a healthier chip. You can feel that they are made in a different manner, via ingredients & being baked… Versus other “bad” chips that are high in carbs & fried… HOWEVER! once you shrug off that tiny difference and make peace with the fact that this is as good as it’s gonna get & does a good job at being “Close Enough”… This is not about you stuffing your face, it’s about being healthier & doing better… Then all is fine! They are good! Again, the best I have found so far. I wanted to cry, I was so happy to have found CHIPS that were finally okay for me to eat, and actually tasted good!

    1. You do not get very many in a single bag! It will take two of these bags, for example, to make a little bowl of nachos for dinner. And by dinner, I mean, I go ahead and say “This is my meal, not just a snack, since I had to use two bags to make this!”
    2. The price is way too high! I could understand them being SLIGHTLY more than regular unhealthy chips, price-wise… But only by a LITTLE BIT! When you break down the price, per bag – and take into account how many chips are in each bag – you are paying double if not almost triple the amount of money for these chips, compared to the unhealthier versions! Taking advantage of people who wanna make better eating habits/choices, is not cool! This is why so many are afraid they cant afford to buy healthier food options. Please do better & lower the price some! Times are tough, money is tight, but people still gotta eat! And we should have to go broke for the sake of trying to eat right/better!

    That’s it! Not many cons. Just that you dont get much in each bag, making the price of these chips stupidly high! But I still like them! They are good!

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    Quest Nutrition Tortilla Style Protein Chips, Low Carb, Nacho Cheese
    Quest Nutrition Tortilla Style Protein Chips, Low Carb, Nacho Cheese