NordicTrack T Series Treadmills

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  • 30-Day iFIT Membership Included; Stream live & on-demand workouts on your equipment with Global Workouts & Studio Classes; Elite trainers adjust your equipment (15 Dollar value)
  • 10% OneTouch incline control; 10 MPH SMART OneTouch speed control; With iFIT, your trainer auto-adjusts your speed and incline through a smart Bluetooth connection
  • SMART-Response Motor for effective speed, interval, and endurance training; 20” x 55” tread belt offers plenty of leg and elbow space as you run; FlexSelect deck cushioning protects your joints
  • Innovative SpaceSaver design with EasyLift Assist means your treadmill can fold up after your run for compact, simple storage; Auxiliary music port and dual 2-inch speakers provide entertainment
  • 300-pound user capacity; Protected with a 10-year frame warranty, 2-year parts warranty, and 1-year labor warranty; 54” H x 36” W x 73.5” L

Specification: NordicTrack T Series Treadmills






‎Alloy Steel

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎73 x 35.8 x 67.5 inches

Power Source

‎Corded Electric

Item Weight

‎203 Pounds

Maximum Weight Recommendation

‎300 Pounds

Maximum Horsepower

‎3 Horsepower

Speed Rating

‎10 miles_per_hour

Maximum Incline Percentage


Deck Length

‎55 Inches

Screen Size

‎5 Inches

Maximum Speed

‎10 Miles per Hour

Deck Width

‎22 Inches

Assembly Required


Product Dimensions

‎73"D x 35.8"W x 67.5"H

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H

‎76.75 x 31.75 x 11 inches

Package Weight

‎92.99 Kilograms

Brand Name


Warranty Description

‎10-Year Frame Warranty, 2-Year Parts Warranty, 1-Year Labor Warranty

Model Name


Suggested Users



‎iFIT Health & Fitness

Part Number


Model Year



‎NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill + 30-Day iFIT Membership

Included Components


3 reviews for NordicTrack T Series Treadmills

3.3 out of 5
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  1. DWG

    Amazon Shipping: 0 stars
    ICON Services: 10 stars
    Assembly: 4 stars
    Software: 0 stars
    Treadmill 5 stars
    Overall: 4 stars

    Amazon Shipping:

    First off, I left delivery instructions to leave the treadmill at our front door since the description said the shipping weight was 300 pounds. If left at my front door my motion sensors would alert me,and I would only have had to slide it across the threshold to get it into the house.

    What happened instead was the carrier came with a high bed truck that did not have a lift gate. Who in their right mind would try to deliver a 300 pound box with no lift gate??? As the two guys lowered it off the truck in front of my garage, it slipped out of their hands and fell the last foot or so. They then laid the box down and left. This was all captured on my security camera. My wife and I are 70 and we then had to drag the 300 pound box 30 feet and lift it up the two steps to the front door. 0 stars to Amazon shipping.

    ICON Services and Software issue 1:

    After unpacking the treadmill, we saw that the left rear foot and left rail each had foot long cracks in the plastic. The instruction manual has a big red stop sign that says Do Not Return to store; email ICON Services instead. I was of course skeptical, but I titled my email “Damaged in Shipping” and filled in all the info they asked for: model number, serial number, part numbers, and photos of the damage. The next day I received an email from some bot that basically said “Go read the manual, did this help?”. I replied pointing to the title of my email.

    The next day I received a very polite email from a human that asked that I send a photo of the nameplate that contained the model number so that they could insure that they were sending the correct parts. This was not really unreasonable, but in the back of my mind I was thinking that it could be the start of a run around. Some reviewers had already compleined about the parts they needed being out of stock. Much to my surprise, the following day I received an email with a tracking number. A few days later I got the replacement parts which I easily installed and my machine was whole again. Kudos and 10 stars to ICON Services, 0 stars to the software bot that told me to go read the manual even though the title of my original email was “Damaged in Shipping”.


    My old ProForm treadmill which this run replaces, had a one piece console that was not too hard to assemble. This new NordicTrack console came in multiple pieces which literally required at least four hands to assemble. Particularly the plastic cross beam that was split into multiple pieces and had wires dangling out and then had to be screwed back together. So assembly gets one or two stars knocked off.

    Inital start up and software issue 2:

    I never intended to use the iFit software so I just expected to plug in the machine and start running. Nope, the machine comes software “Locked”, and the instructions say to load their app onto your phone or use a PC to go to their website and then follow the instructions. I first tried the PC, but the link they give just kept running me in circles, always taking me to a Create An Account page, which I did not want to do because those things always ask for credit card numbers and then start charging and are difficult to cancel.

    Then I tried loading their app onto my phone. The instructions in the app did not match what was happening on my phone, but with a couple of intelligent guesses, the machine unlocked. Initially the belt would not move, but after turning it on and off several times, it all finally started to work. If you only want to use the treadmill standalone and not use the iFIt software, there is absolutely no reason to software lock the machine and annoy the user. Again, 0 stars for software.

    Software issue 3:

    When our electric company notified us that they would be turning off power for maintenance, I unplugged the treadmill until power came back on. When it did, I turned the machine on to check it, and it immediately started to raise the incline, even though I did not request it. I turned it off and on several times, but every time I turned it on, the incline continued to increase and the incline indicator blinked on and off as though it were some kind of error indicator. The incline continued to increase untill the machine jammed up all the way to the maximum incline. Thinking that some limit switch might be damaged, I pulled the cover off the base to check. There were no visible limit switches and when I turned it on one more time, the incline started to go down. This is when I guessed that maybe it was merely calibrating the incline. I checked the back of the manual and sure enough there was a procedure for calibrating the incline. However, for the machine to suddenly start this by intself is unacceptable. Also, it has this big alphanumeric display. It should have put up a message that said “Calibrating: Do Not Turn Off”, but all it did was blink the incline number. So, 0 stars for uncommanded movement and no message.


    Now that we are past all the above issues, we are quite satisfied with the treadmill. It is quieter than our old Proform and we really like the soft lowering feature that the ProForm did not have.

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  2. Matthew Creel

    This review is for the NordicTrack T 6.5 Si Treadmill + 1 Year iFit Membership (WORTH IT!) with the 10-inch screen.

    I have owned this treadmill for 5 months 1 day as of the current date/writing of this review (May 9, 2020).

    This is the first treadmill I have ever owned (I actually bought it as a gift to my girlfriend) and it has been awesome! She loves it too, of course.

    Assembly: 4/5 – The assembly was interesting, to say the least, but with the help of my girlfriend, it took us between an hour or two to finish. I’m pretty sure it was much closer to two hours. I do not think it is possible to assemble by yourself but kudos to you if you manage to get it assembled on your own. Then again, try it by yourself and you’ll be so worked up from not having an extra 30 pairs of hands to help that you’ll be ready to run 30 miles when it’s all said and done. I personally would not recommend it, though. You, in some instances, need someone to hold the upper half of the frame while the other is screwing stuff in to anchor it all together. I mentioned the assembly was interesting earlier in the sense of how everything eventually came together so perfectly. There’s always one or two small hiccups with getting a screw hole to align…maybe it is just me but that seems to always be expected when I put anything together. I do recall having a slight issue where some wires on the right-hand side needed to be tucked away. I think we were able to rig it so they stayed put so no real big issues there – they are actually run through/inside the right bar that stands vertically touching the floor. The only bar connecting the bottom of the treadmill to the top…it’s maybe at a slight 20-degree angle. Anyways, those particular wires are used to connect either the speakers, monitor, or both. Either way, you have to have them. I rate the instructions and everything assembly related a 4/5 deducting one star because you need a second person. As far as how well written the instructions goes and the lack of wtf’s that DIDN’T happen, much (which is good by the way), I rate that a 5/5.

    Quality: 5/5 – I personally think the quality of the treadmill, build materials, the built-in 10 inch screen, speakers, and any other random odds and ends to be pretty good quality. There is a lot of plastic but it all feels solid and sturdy and should last for many, many years to come.

    Noise: 5/5 – I think the noise is about as quiet as you can make a treadmill. Then again, if you’re running in place on something suspended off the ground then there are bound to be thuds with each step…I speak from firsthand experience. The speakers get quite loud so that’s good noise if you are playing music or watching some of the iFit videos which will be discussed further down but not TOO far in-depth since I want to keep my review specifically on the treadmill itself. Yes, I realize iFit is more…fit…to be in the feature section below yet here it is. 🙂

    Features: 4.5/5 – If you want some good bells and whistles without dropping three grand on a Ferrari-like treadmill this is absolutely more than enough. Especially if you’re like me and have never owned a treadmill before. It is a 10-speed treadmill with 10 levels of incline that increment from being flat (0.0) all the way to (45-degree angle upwards maybe?)10.0 at 0.1 increments. The iFit membership I think is stunning! Running in another country or hillside with a trainer all while enjoying the scenery (don’t wimp out on monitor size or this is less enjoyable) while getting a good workout makes using this treadmill so much more enjoyable/pleasant. I’m not sure what the little orange/yellow cushion things are called but they are there as support for your joints. When you land, from jogging or running, they squish down to reduce the impact on your knees and other joints. I thought they looked silly but now that I know how well they work and what they are for I don’t think they are so funny anymore. The other features you can more easily see from viewing the posted pictures. Cupholders, how big the speakers are, buttons, other little knickknacks. I have not had to use the folding feature of the treadmill to “tuck” it away in a corner but I did enjoy playing with the feature when putting it together. I have only used it honestly like 2-3 times and from what I could tell it works well. I do like that there is a “no slam” feature where if when you are letting it down and it slips it won’t come crashing down. It will catch itself and slowly lower itself down automagically safe and sound…so that’s neat. I docked half a point because the heartbeat sensor(s) you put your hands on don’t really work all that well. I don’t expect them to be 100% perfect or accurate by any means but I found that I have to, more of than not, situate my hands jusssst the right way for it to start giving me a readout. No biggie for me personally, since I have a Fitbit watch, but for anyone out there who is curious…it doesn’t work very well for me personally. You might not have any issues with yours but I do with mine. Again, no deal-breaker for me by any means.

    iFit Membership: 5/5 – This I am going to briefly touch on and recommend everyone visit the NordicTrack website under the iFit section. I would post a link but I don’t know if Amazon filters those out or not so I’ll leave it up to you to learn your way around google. There is a TON of information there if you are interested for more information. Our purchase included the 1-year free iFIt membership. I am pretty certain that alone is a $300 value. What I like about it the most is that my girlfriend and I have created our own accounts and can share the membership. This way I can track my workouts and she can track hers on our own unique accounts. Logging in and out is pretty seamless (couple touches and you’re logged in). I believe once you login once it doesn’t log you out automatically so it’s a matter of swapping accounts based on who is about to workout. You can keep track of things such as what days we worked out on, what workout we did, for how long, calories burned, and a LOT more. The membership is honestly a really great idea though. Just make sure you have your treadmill somewhat close to your modem or router (for Internet). Like most things nowadays…the videos need to be streamed while you are viewing them. Aka, you need to be online and connected to the Internet. So be aware of your placement when deciding where to put your treadmill.

    I hope this review has helped anyone on the fence as to what they want for their next treadmill.

    Happy treading!

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  3. Amazon Customer

    Buyer Beware!

    After setting up your treadmill and turning it on, the screen will say “Go to iFit.Com and register to activate.” It will appear that you need to sign-up for iFit to turn on your treadmill. iFit will ask for your credit card and will start a free trial, after which you will be AUTOMATICALLY charged $15.00 a month.

    You can get around registering for iFit, but NordicTrack does not state this anywhere in the manual and the packaging says you cannot start your treadmill before registering with iFit. This is predatory, and I actually think criminal behavior on the part of NordicTrak.

    TO GET AROUND THIS SCAM, hold down the iFit logo on the treadmill for 30 seconds and your treadmill will work. I hope this helps people from being forced to give out their credit card and personal information.

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