ProLon Fasting Nutrition Kit

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Discover the benefits of fasting and cellular rejuvenation with ProLon


The first and only clinically-tested breakthrough in Fasting Mimicking technology. ProLon Fasting Nutrition kit unlocks the deepest level of fasting, yielding profound benefits including rejuvenation at the cellular level. Simple and convenient, ProLon is easy to work into your everyday lifestyle. You’ll receive 5 days of nourishment, 3 meals and snacks for each day.

Benefits or Prolon:

Benefits of the ProLon Diet

Potential upsides of the ProLon Diet, according to Dr. Jampolis, include:

  • Possible reduction in belly fat: This is likely one of the most important possible benefits of the diet, as a reduction in belly fat “leads to weight loss, reduction in blood sugar and cholesterol [and] reduction in inflammation,” notes Dr. Jampolis.
  • Potential to improve aging: The diet was actually created with the intent of improving aging rather than for losing weight, says Dr. Jampolis, and it has the potential to do that. The possible reduction in belly fat “may help support healthy aging by inducing a process called autophagy in which older cells are replaced by new, healthier cells,” she explains.
  • Realization of gluten or lactose sensitivities: By cutting out most foods for five days, you may have the opportunity to more easily discern a food sensitivity. If digestive issues like bloating, diarrhea or abdominal pain occur during the ProLon diet, Dr. Jampolis suggests talking to your health care provider and potentially trying a larger elimination diet.
Take a break from mindless eating, high-calorie diets, sugar, and carbs. Amp up your Intermittent Fasting with a nutrition program that gives you many of the benefits of a full-day fast.


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