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Best Sunny Health and Fitness Walking Treadmill

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  • Best Sunny Health and Fitness Walking Treadmill
  • SHOCK ABSORPTION: Exercising on the low step-up height treadmill is made easy with its sizable (44L x 19.5Winches) running deck that supports up to 295 lb. The included shock absorption technology in the running deck reduces the impact on joints when walking or jogging on its surface.
  • CAPABLE MOTOR: Walk and jog between 0.6mph and 5 mph by using the 2.5-peak horsepower motor on the indoor treadmill. Make quick speed adjustments by using the speed buttons on the console.
  • TRANSPORTATION WHEELS: This portable treadmill can be moved from room to room with its front-mounted transportation wheels. Its low-profile design makes the fitness equipment easy to store.
  • USER-FRIENDLY CONSOLE: The simple design keeps you focused on your workout. A glance at the console to track your duration, distance, and calories burned. Use the mode button to personalize workout goals during each exercise session.
  • EXTENSIVE HANDRAILS: Use the multi-grip handrails that sit along the top, middle, and sides of the low-deck treadmill for extra support. Maintain a comfortable grip with the thick and padded handlebars.

3 reviews for Best Sunny Health and Fitness Walking Treadmill

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  1. Xbox Gamertag

    I’ve had this for a few months and it works great!

    Pros: Very sturdy, easy to operate, easy to maintain.

    Cons: Very, very heavy. You’ll want help getting it assembled and moving it around. That’s why it’s so sturdy though.

    I really like the build quality, everything connects with multiple bolts and screws. It feels solid and rigid. The rails are perfect for stability, I got injured shortly after buying this and was worried about getting back on but the rails made it easy. Now I’m back up to full speed and feeling great, and having the peace of mind that I could rely on the rails for stability was a relief.

    It’s easy to maintain, you just squirt some silicone oil under the treadmill belt, wipe it around, and that’s that. I do a little every 2 weeks and that seems to be good. Make sure to dust it (I throw a dust jacket over mine) so dust and oil don’t mix.

    It has no fancy features but I like that, I wanted something that “just worked”. It counts calories and miles and speed and that’s all I needed. There’s a safety clip you attach to your clothing so if you ever did somehow slip and fall, the other end of the clip yanks out a magnetic safety switch and stops the the treadmill.

    So this treadmill is simple, safe, and easy to use. I’m very happy with it. Just have a friend to help you out when the package arrives, because it weighs a ton!

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  2. G8RED

    It is extremely hard to find a walking treadmill that has holding bars up high and in front. Nordic Track has it and it will set you back $ 3k-4k. There are two other commercial brands that are $4 and $ 7k. This one cost $ 500 and this is what makes it perfect:

    * 19 inch wide belt is just wide enough for a guy. I first got a smaller cheaper treadmill that had a belt width of 16 and that was not good. My feet kept hitting the sides and it was dangerous.
    * I have to put my hands up and in front when I am on a treadmill. At the gym I have to uncomfortably put them on the display unit or something not made for your hands. The ones at the gym that do have two bars in front are too low and uncomfortable to walk. This has a bar just over the display and it is the perfect height to rest your hands.
    *I walked for over 2 hours on it and it is so sturdy and secure.
    *It is the perfect walking treadmill and I purchased a table piece on Amazon that goes over the side bars in case I ever want to use my laptop and do work while walking real slow.

    The box will be delivered to your front door. Open it there and take out all the other pieces and carry them to the room you want the treadmill. Then take the heavy base unit out and if you are on the same floor you can wheel it to the room. If it is on the second floor (stairs which was us) you will need two people to get it upstairs but with two people it is NOT heavy and easy to do.
    The instructions are almost flawless and they make it a breeze. I wish every company packaged their screws and stuff like this and had instructions that where so easy to put together. I think I took 30 minutes and I did it myself.
    The last piece that goes on = the upper handlebar = needs to be gently hit with your hand to get it in and then lining up the holes for those screws seemed to not be as easy but I realized it was not even needed. So I left the screws off of just the upper handlebar but it is completely secure and not going anywhere and does not move at all.

    SUMMARY: I now have my go to machine. When I watch some sports events I will walk slow = 1 to 1.5 miles per hour to not get distracted and will watch the TV on the wall in front of me. When I do work during the week I can get on this thing for hours at only 1 mph and do work. The link below is the laptop stand I use over the side handlebars which make laptop work easy while slow walking on this.

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  3. jewelry29

    This is a solid, well built treadmill. Do not expect an incline, but I was never too keen on that anyway with other treadmills used in the past. I have a bad back so can only go at the max 3mph, but more comfortable at 2.7-2.8. It works great. I keep the original plastic bag it came with, a heavy duty construction bag, and a blanket on the walking belt when not in use to protect it from my cats scratching it because it does not fold for storage. So far, I am glad we purchased this. I recommend this. There was some assembly, but it was not that hard. It would pay to have another person help you put it together to make it go faster. I tilted the treadmill with help and added the silicone to the belt with a cloth. The cloth got lost under the belt, but got a flashlight and retrieved it. I bought 2 extra tubes of silicone for the future and just hope that they make a replacement walking belt when the time comes. I do like that the machine tells you when to use silicone under the belt after so many miles. I have wide shoulders, but am still able to swing my arms above the bars to get the heart rate up higher with no incline. I am still also able to swing the arms lower, but sometimes hit the bars with my hands.

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