Best Rumblex Plus 4D Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

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  • Best Rumblex Plus 4D Vibration Plate Exercise Machine
  • VIBRATION PLATFORM MACHINE FOR FAST REHABILITATION & REPAIR: Rumblex Plus enhances your built-in ability to regenerate cells so your body repairs & revives itself, feeling healthy & full of life.
  • BETTER BLOOD CIRCULATION & REVITALIZATION: Our vibration plate exercise machine improves blood circulation invigorating your muscles so you can train like a champion.
  • BLISSFULLY SILENT VIBRATION PLATFORM MACHINE: Enjoy your muscle relaxation and nervous system soothing with the smooth & silent vibration platform while you rest, read, or watch TV.
  • 100% LIFETIME WARRANTY. Every platform bearing our name undergoes rigorous scrutiny to make sure it delivers on power and efficacy and a built-in lifetime warranty so you’re never left hanging.

3 reviews for Best Rumblex Plus 4D Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

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  1. Linda

    Purchased this to have an at-home option of beneficial movement when all the gyms were closing at the beginning of the pandemic. It’s easy to use and has helped reduce the tingling/stinging/numb sensation in my thigh due to sciatica issues. It’s also fun to combine with my Djembe drum (on a stand) while on the Rumblex. It makes receiving the beneficial effects even more fun. The only thing I would change is to have a cover for the settings on the box so that when you’re sitting on it or moving around, it doesn’t get changed.

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  2. A Customer 86

    I take my time to review things like this. These type of machines can be an expensive item and we are all consumers who rely on other people’s reviews to get an idea of whether or not it is worth the hard earned dollars we work so hard for. Paper can hold anything you write on it, or in this case the screen. But believe me when I say, this company really delivers on its promises. Please allow me to explain. I consider anything worth over $50 to be something to review after ample time has been taken to evaluate, not as soon as you get it and it looks cool and pretty nor during what I call the “Honeymoon” phase of 2 to 4 weeks. You know, that time you’re pumped but then it becomes just another piece of something in your house occupying space. Yeah that phase. Most people cannot afford a $400 emergency so to even spend $50 or more on something deserves the most honest reviews in my opinion. Once you get in to a couple of $100’s then I believe it is my duty to do my due diligence and have enough experience with the product to actually convey judgement.

    I do not usually get excited with things but I honestly believe this is one of the best machines, if not the best machine, for the average Joe and Jane out there! Mind you, I waited for Prime Day 2020, to get mine cheaper, again most of us cannot afford such purchases on the fly, but this machine is worth every single penny! Good thing is from what I have seen in the last two months the company, LifePro, does a lot of promotions in both Amazon and their website. The free item promos are listed on their website just FYI. πŸ˜‰ But I decided to buy at Amazon because I knew if it was bad, I could return it through Amazon. Needless to say, nobody can separate me from this machine! LOL.

    This machine works! They have many style and sizes with some models being more simple and then the top of the line models like my Rumblex 4D. I’m a pretty big guy with health issues and I needed something that could hold my weight, not fall off from it (that is why I decided on the one with a flat surface),and since I was going to take a conscious gamble, I wanted it do everything under the Sun that these machines could do! Also, I wanted something that was comfortable enough to not take too much space in the house as my house is not a big one. The Rumblex 4D seem like a perfect fit. Here’s some back story…

    I recently had an injury where I hurt my back and I have been in treatment for close to a year. I got stuck at one point and nothing seemed to be working. The doctors were like, well you need to lose weigh. But how?!!! I couldn’t even walk a straight line much less do exercise! So instead of accepting defeat, I decided that I needed to look into alternatives that even my doctors, would not necessarily think of or recommend “because they do not have the studies to recommend it”. Yeah. “Thanks doc!”. Through my journey, I’ve learned that yeah doctors are great and all but they have a very narrow way of doing things. Very limited views and if it doesn’t make them money or it comes from big pharma, “They don’t have enough studies to recommend it”. They make more money when you’re not cured, or at least feel well enough to not have to be there every week or every month. So being an informed man, and willing to take calculated risks or calculated gambles, I was looking for solutions “outside the box”.

    I’ve done Chiropractic treatments, the usual physical therapy (multiple times), electric stimulation, manual stimulation, pills, rest, changes in diet, more pill changes, you name it. But I resist the idea of injecting anything or having surgery to “fix” the problem when they cost hundreds and thousands of dollars, not to mention the pain and suffering, plus missing work for a 50/50 chance. No thank you! So I said to myself, “all of the things I am doing are helping to some extent but they only get me so far. I need something new and different from what my doctors are willing to do. I don’t think surgery is a risk I am willing to take now”. So I started reading. I looked into Vibration plates and similarly named machines. I looked at the ones in and outside of the Amazon market, and literally found hundreds of these these machines. But in all honestly, most looked flimsy, came from China with no warranty and most looked like a fire hazard or an accident waiting to happen. You can tell when something is well made, when its photoshopped or is just plain old crap.

    Then there were the machines that cost quite a few of hundred dollar bills and a few more that cost a whopping couple thousand dollars. Needless to say, once I saw one that I recognized from a Spa/Wellness Center I used to go to, I got even more curious. The machine I recognized was one of in the thousands. A Big ol’ thing but everyone seemed to love getting on it at the Spa/Wellness Center. So after viewing and reading literally hundreds of products and reviews both in and out of Amazon, discarding the ones I couldn’t afford because of the “thousands of dollars” price tag, I noticed LifePro. At first I thought it was too good to be true. Great reviews, it seemed to do the same if not more than some of the “thousands of dollars” machines and only for a couple of hundred dollars but with something the others did not have, and this is the kicker, LIFETIME WARRANTY! I said, “Wait a minute! They stopped doing those Lifetime warranties when my mother was a child in the 60’s and 70’s! LIKE WHAAAAAAT?!”. I couldn’t and wouldn’t believe it and so I went on detective mode. LOL.

    I did more and more digging. I compared the machine (Rumblex 4D) with the high priced tagged ones and others in a similar price rage. I was trying to find out if any of the reviews posted were faked or paid for. See if any of them were used somewhere else as a review. Nothing suspicious. It all seemed legit but I resisted to believe any of it. I’m in my 30’s but I’ve been buying things online way before even Facebook was created, so I know a thing or two about scams. But come to find out, it was all true. No fake reviews, no paid reviews, nothing shady about it. Plus, the Rumblex 4D seem to do everything the big ones did and even more than some of them. This company, this product, this is no scam. It is a legitimate business with a legitimate product. I was pleasantly surprised, skeptical still but pleasantly surprised.

    So to my point. Yes, I know that for a lot of us it’s hard to come up with $300 or $400 dollars. I ended up waiting for a sale and paying for it with a mixture of gift cards and credit cards. But hey, listen, it is WORTH IT!!! The machine really works. I just recently went up to level 10 with all the functions on (4D) this week. I’ve seen changes and I’m still on level 10 from 60!!! Mind you, I am hurt and the company does advise to be careful and start slow and easy and work your way up. That shows they care. Because slow first actually works best!

    It’s best you start slow, but believe me it is still working. DON’T JACK IT UP! Take it slow!!! Trust me, I know it works because those first few days when you urinate, OMG!, it will smell horrible! Like 10 times worse than normal but it’s because it is helping you clean out that lymphatic system! Listen, I didn’t even really know what the lymphatic system was, much less how it worked or why it was important. Trust me, aside from getting relief for my pains, just the benefits of the lymphatic system drainage IS WORTH THE MONEY! You won’t believe those first few weeks, and sometimes, maybe longer, like me. You will see a color change, a smell change. I mean this is basically cleaning and helping your body flush out all kinds of yucky stuff in all of your insides. Everything because of all that stimulation!

    It’s been two months now. My headaches which were almost daily, have diminished I’d say by 95%! I’m loosing weight, slowly but surely. My skin looks better and I get less allergies. I guess that lymphatic system drainage and whole body exercise and vibration really was what my body needed to start healing itself. All that old added stuff to meds that stays behind after I took it is now being flushed out. I thought it was out, it wasn’t. You know what I am talking about, those “inactive ingredients”, that stuff keeps accumulating in your body. Now that I am flushing it out, I am feeling better than I have in a long long time. My leg muscles are stronger and my balance has improved! I am not saying this is a cure for all your ailments, but this is no “snake oil” either my friends! It does exactly what it says it does.

    The construction is sturdy and I am a “big guy”, hopefully soon a used to be a big guy! πŸ™‚ My mother who has fibromyalgia, among many other ailments, has seen how great it has been for me and she decided to give it a try. It relaxes her so much she is actually able to sleep better. It will not cure her fibromyalgia but at least it is helping her with balance and sleeping. That to me alone is worth the money, to be able to help my mom. If you can afford it, I say wholeheartedly, buy it. It has been a game changer for me and my disabled mother whom I take care of.

    Companies like LifePro, who make a high quality product, that is fairly priced, does sales on their products and stand behind it with a NO COST TO YOU LIFETIME WARRANTY, ARE UNHEARD OF IN THE 21ST CENTURY! I do not know of any other company that does or even pretends to offer this. Because those supposed ” lifetime warranties” out there they charge you ridiculous shipping and handling fees, some higher than the actual product price because the manufacturer is in some other country or the say “Lifetime” means a certain amount a years they expect the product to last like 3 years. Which is not Lifetime Warranty as advertised in my opinion. LifePRo is in the Good Ol’ USA! Free shipping to send or receive through warranty if you ever have an issue. You paid what you paid for the machine at purchase, then you’re done, FOR LIFE! It is totally worth it! And believe me I never write reviews like this!

    Also, Joel, the guy who is I think the owner, that is always answering questions here and there, he seems to be very in touch with his customers. I sent questions and got answers quickly. AND I MEAN QUICKLY! And who gets to say they got a direct response from the owner of a company like this anymore?!

    I love this personal touch, “hands on” business approach. It reminds me of when companies made things to last and cared about building quality over quantity, and more about the customers and investing in their loyalty rather than quick profits in volume. It reminds me of a time companies had more integrity and this speaks very well of LifePro and their leadership!

    They also have a video database which I honestly still haven’t used aside from the basic stuff just because I am still under treatment, but when I am ready, trust and believe I am going in full throttle! Further down the road I am thinking of getting one of their massage “guns”. I mean, everything seems to be of quality so instead of buying the ones they sell in the fitness stores, or from places like Wal-Mart and Target, which seem like really good deals but do not offer the Lifetime Warranty or even anything beyond 90 days at best, I’ll wait to get it from LifePro. I can’t afford it now but they have earned my respect, so I rather wait for something of quality. πŸ™‚ When I say they have earned my respect, they really have!

    I have a short message for LifePro, if I may. Please no matter how much you grow in the future, and I am sure you will, keep in touch with your roots and keep building quality products and doing everything you’re doing now. Because this classic business model creates loyalty and word of mouth advertising! Because this may well be an Amazon review, but I am advising my friends and coworkers about my Rumblex 4D! Because it is a gem! Thank you for not scamming people and actually providing a high quality product that actually does what you say it does and standing behind it with Lifetime Warranty! LifePro, Joel, and all the team are literally THE Needle in the Corporate Haystack! I am Forever grateful, Ali Martin. πŸ™‚

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  3. JMP

    I’ve had my Rumblex 4D for a few weeks now and I typically use it twice a day. I have a mild lymphedema problem in my right leg (an undisclosed side-effect from surgery) and the Rumblex definitely helps to move fluid from my legs. I’d use it anyway though just because it feels good on my legs and spine. Sometimes I just use one of the presets to cycle through some various settings and other times I just set it up to run all the motions and crank it to 60 with my feet as wide as the platform to get the most movement. It also works well to do push-ups on it but for that I tone down the movement a bit since it will shake your neck and head fairly hard. I have occasional bouts with plantar fasciitis in one foot but I haven’t used the machine long enough to see if that pain ever returns. I’m hopeful though.

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